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The basic idea of our project is to immerse our students as perfectly as possible in the Spanish language and the culture of Spain. Linguistic and cultural immersion is the most efficient and quickest method for acquiring a second language, and with us this is guaranteed: our students not only study Spanish from a formal point of view, but also live and share with us the activities of daily life: meals, cooking, conversations, excursions and walks, sightseeing tours inside and outside Somiedo, etc.

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Flexibility: tell us what you need, we adapt everything for you.

Our courses are essentially what our students want them to be. Thanks to their exclusive nature (we are two professional teachers and our students are one, two or three people maximum) we can adapt almost everything to the tastes and needs of each person: timetables, formal classes, indoor and outdoor activities, etc. Some people like walking and can walk a lot, others a bit less; some people want more formal classes, others less; some like to cook a lot, others no son much, etc. Within certain reasonable limits, everything is fine for us. This means that our courses are ideal for anyone between 18 and 118 years old.

Formal classes and activities: all in one.

In El Cuélebre everything is a class, and everything is activities. The process of learning the language and carrying out leisure activities are all in one. With El Cuélebre every opportunity is good to learn Spanish, and to enjoy: the walks, the meals, the after-dinner conversations, the landscapes, the pure air, and of course also the formal classes, which we try to make as pleasant, practical and effective as possible.

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El Cuélebre
5 Stars - Based on 51 User Reviews
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  • What a delightful couple ! Jimena and Alfredo are two well-experienced Spanish teachers, sensitive and attentive to your particular needs in learning their language - with least effort. They welcome you into their home into a spacious room with en-suite... read more

    Judith Christie Avatar
    Judith Christie
    3 months ago
  • 5 star ratingExcelente manera de aprender español ¡Qué encantadora pareja! Jimena y Alfredo son dos profesores de español con mucha experiencia, sensibles y atentos a sus necesidades particulares para aprender su idioma, con el menor esfuerzo. Le dan la bienvenida a su hogar en una habitación espaciosa... read more

    Judith C Avatar
    Judith C
    3 months ago
  • 5 star ratingAprende español y camina en las montañas de Austuria. Pasé 6 días encantadores con Alfredo y Jimena aprendiendo español; Formalmente en las mañanas y de manera informal durante las comidas y mientras camina por las hermosas montañas del parque nacional de Somiedo. El Cu lebre se encuentra en un... read more

    CDtrabel Avatar
    5 months ago
  • 5 star ratingUna experiencia maravillosa aprendiendo español Me quedé con Alfredo y Jimena durante 9 días, con la intención de mejorar mi español como vivo en Asturias ahora, pero obtuve mucho más de lo que esperaba. Una de las grandes cosas es que te adaptan el curso... read more

    ruth_heronmoor Avatar
    6 months ago
  • Yo disfruté el curso muchisimo!!!!
    Alfredo and Jimena are great hosts and go to a lot of effort to tailor the course to your particular situation. OF course the walks in Somiedo are fantastic, seeing the footprints of a brown bear...
    read more

    Ruth Credo Avatar
    Ruth Credo
    6 months ago
  • If you’re reading this review, you’re probably reading the others here, too. From our personal experiences, every glowing comment about El Cuélebre is absolutely true!

    We are a retired couple from Arizona, USA, and have just ended 2 incredible weeks studying...
    read more

    Mary Jane Avatar
    Mary Jane
    11 months ago
  • I took the courses for 2 weeks, and every single day was fantastic! Alfredo and Jimena were very attentive and passionate, they explained thoroughly the tons of questions that I asked about Spanish and the Hispanic culture, and it was... read more

    陳又紅 Avatar
    1 year ago
  • 5 star ratingUna experiencia increíble para aprender español y la cultura española en profundidad Tomé los cursos durante 2 semanas, ¡y todos los días fueron fantásticos! Además de los cursos en el aula, Alfredo y Jimena fueron muy atentos y apasionados, y tuvimos muchas conversaciones mientras comíamos y hacíamos trekking, lo que hizo que... read more

    Traveler729654 Avatar
    1 year ago
  • If you want to escape the rat race and immerse yourself in Spain's language and culture, this is the place for you. La Peral is a stunning location, so peaceful and beautiful. Your hosts, Jimena and Alfredo, have created a... read more

    James Kelly Avatar
    James Kelly
    1 year ago
  • My short review is: I went to El Cuelebre. I loved it. I want to go back.
    My longer review is: The mountain setting is beautiful. The walks are exhilarating and will give you an even better idea of the beauty...
    read more

    Nigel Cooper Avatar
    Nigel Cooper
    1 year ago
  • 5 star ratingUna experiencia fantastica Me quede con Alfredo y Jimena en las montanas seis dias en invierno. Era una experiencia fantastica. Me encanto las lecciones con Alfredo y los paseos en las montanas y los pueblos. Habia mucha nieve! Mi... read more

    juliahockey Avatar
    1 year ago