Our activities

They will be varied, and adapted to your tastes. We have different types of activities, and always in Spanish, of course:


One of the main appeals of El Cuélebre, something which makes it different from other schools of Spanish, is that here you will really live in Spanish, by being a guest in our home and living with us. Without a doubt, this is a situation of complete and perfect intensive linguistic exposure: at your teachers’ home in Asturias, the most genuine Spain: the entire environment, context and infrastructure will be orientated one hundred per cent so that you can learn and speak Spanish in the most effective way.

Our favorite, basic activities are the walks, to discover the wonderful natural and human surroundings of Somiedo natural park, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in the year 2000. The Park has a wide range of unforgettable itineraries designed for all types of users, from the beginner to the more advanced and experienced hiker: we will design the outings so that the required effort corresponds to your physical condition.

In each season you will enjoy an exuberant natural beauty (photos). Millenary chestnut, beech and oak forests; beautiful lakes, rivers, springs and waterfalls; a fauna that can be seen or hinted at and that includes bears, wolfs, eagles, vultures, foxes, chamois, deer, every kind of bird and many more; the snow-covered mountains, the green meadows, the thousands of flowers, the colourful autumn forest... All this landscape dotted about with the traditional local constructions or cabanas de teito (photos), grouped in the peculiar brañas (photos). It is also possible to do excursions on mountain bike, another nice way of enjoying nature.

Another activity we love is teaching our students to prepare some of the most traditional and delicious Spanish and Asturian dishish.

Within 90 minutes driving distance there are some very interesting and beautiful cities like Oviedo, Gijón and León. If you want, we can go on guided visits to these cities, each of them with its peculiarities and charms. We could also go to the coast (photos), where you can enjoy the loveliest corners of the still very well preserved Asturian seaboard: beautiful beaches, lovely and genuine fishing villages, spectacular cliffs, etc.

(Not included in the price of the courses).

- Rock climbing (+€30 per person)
- Canyoning (+€40 per person)
- Nature walk with target archery (+€18 per person)
- Caving (+€25 per person)
- Ski (Leitariegos Ski Resort:
the price depends on your needs:
with or without equipement, instructor, etc.).

In you are interesed in any of these activities, please let us know with as much time in advance as possible.


Always following a communicative, practical and applied approach, in the classroom we will carry out all types of activities tending to reinforce the main communicative skills.
In our classes we spare no technological means and we do every kind of activity: some of them are more theoretical, more related to the assimilation of grammatical or structural concepts (always following a communicative approach); others are more purely applied, conceived to make you put into practice all the things you know in real and amusing contexts.
In the classroom we hear native speakers in real situations, we watch videos, films, we read, we do conversational activities, debates, role play games, etc.

Even though a stay with El Cuélebre is always going to be much more, here we show you the timetable of activities for three typical days with us, so that you can get a general idea of what you will do in our School. This is just an example: as you know, we are flexible and we can adapt the type of activities to your tastes and needs.

- 8.30am: Breakfast.
- 9.30am: Class, until 10:30 - 10:45am.
- 11am: Morning hike. About 3 hours, until 2pm.
- 2:30pm: Main meal, until 3.30pm, then time for homework, relaxing...
- 7pm: Class, until 8pm.
- 8.45pm: Supper, until 10.00pm.

- 08.30am: Breakfast.
- 9.30am: Class, until 11am.
11.30am: Hike. For 5-6 hours until 5pm. With a picnic.
- 6pm: Meal, until 7pm. Then time for homework, relaxing...
End of the day.

- 8.00h: Breakfast.
- 9.00h: Departure for Oviedo.
- 10.30h: Arrival at Oviedo. Guided visit of Oviedo until 2.30pm. (time of main meal in Spain).
- 4pm: Visit of Cudillero in the coast.
- 6.30pm: Return to El Cuélebre. Arrival at 8pm.
- 8.45pm. Supper, until 10.00pm.

It is important to notice that these sample time-tables are the typical ones for our "Regular Intensive Courses". In our "Executive Super-Intensive Courses" the number of hours of formal class are more and the time dedicated to outdoor activities and recreational activities in general are less. But, anyway, we insist that all depends on our student’s needs and wishes. In these examples outdoor activities are an important part of the course. However, if you wish, we could do more indoor purely communicative activities, or you could even propose activities that you would like to do. Of course, we don't mention it here in these timetables, but you will also have time for yourself, to relax and take it easy, as much as you want.