Where are we?

La Peral (Somiedo Natural Park)

La Peral’s situation (see map) is exceptional; being in the highest part of the Park it offers some impressive views.
In fact, the entire village is a spectacular viewpoint, and the Mirador del Príncipe (The Viewpoint of the Prince) (photos), one of the best places to admire the beauty of the Cantabrian Mountains, is situated in La Peral.

GPS Coordinates:
43°02'37.2"N, 6°14'54.8"W
43.043661, -6.248550

How to get to El Cuélebre

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Weather in La Peral

Obviously, we are not in the Mediterranean. The weather in La Peral is typical of the mountains of Northern Spain: wet, cold and white in winter, with intense snowfalls, but also with periods of high pressure very stable and pleasant weather; beautiful autumn, full of colours, but with possible prolonged periods of rain and even snow; a spring full of flowers, soft, with alternate periods of rain and sun; soft summers, sometimes even hot, with litle rain.
There follows a description of the weather in La Peral in different seasons of the year. The variations of the landscape in each of these seasons is one of the nicest features of the place: (PHOTOS)

WINTER (February)

Average temperature is approximately 2ºC. There is not a big fluctuation in temperature between day and night, in any case it is much smaller than in the Leon area, to the South of the Cantabrian Mountains. Even if frosts are frequent, you don’t get the minimums of Villablino or Villamanín, for instance. This is due, among other factors, to the influence of the sea on this side of the mountain range.
Another interesting phenomenon, mainly in winter, is what is called “thermal inversion”. In dry, high pressure periods it is very frequent for the temperature in high areas like La Peral, to be higher than the temperature in lower areas in the bottom of the valleys. This means that the weather is often much warmer, sunnier and nicer in La Peral -1350 metres above sea level- than in Pola de Somiedo -700 metres- or even in Belmonte de Miranda -200 metres-.
In February precipitation is abundant, about 200 mm, and most of it is snow. This means that, if you come in winter, you should get ready for a white beautiful landscape, at least in normal years.
Winter photos


Average temperature is approximately 9ºC. Rainfall, is abundant, about 110 mm. This rainfall can still fall as snow, but now mostly on the summits. In May the weather can vary between very nice days with sun and gentle or even warm day temperatures; and awful days, windy and with constant rain.
As it is easy to imagine, the biggest spectacle in May are the flowers. Somiedo wears its prettiest dress in spring, and the plant biodiversity which characterizes the Park becomes an infinite blanket of colourful flowers at this time of the year. A real delight!
Spring photos

SUMMER (August)

Average temperature is about 16ºC. Precipitation falls dramatically to just 25mm. The weather in August, and during the summer as whole, is fine and stable. Thundery weather is not very frequent in August and neither it is in the rest of the summer.
In spring and summer in La Peral, you often get the impression of being in the skies, flying with the birds: the clouds come to the village and don’t let you see anything. Suddenly, when you least expect it, the bottom of the valley appears, the summits and the sun -high on top- can be seen, and all this just in a question of minutes. This means that in La Peral, it is not possible to speak of really persistent fogs, which are indeed more normal in the lower valleys.
Summer photos

AUTUMN (October)

Average temperature is 9.5ºC. Rainfall: about 180mm. October, and autumn in general, is a time of special beauty in Somiedo. The deciduous vegetation in the area displays in this part of the year all its colour and splendour. Infinite hues and tonalities are multiplied everywhere. October is not yet too cold and it is still possible to enjoy warm sunny days. However, the rain can be persistent for several days. In October it is also possible to see the first snowfalls, less likely in La Peral, but relatively frequent on the summits around the village. On the occasions when the snow high on the tops coincides with the colours of the valleys, the beauty of the landscape becomes almost irresistible. Autumn photos