Our premises

As we already explained above in the section "About El Cuélebre", our courses are very exclusive: One person, or 2 or 3 people coming together: couples, families or friends.

We have a wonderful room with private bathroom for you (photos) , very big and spacious, with amazing views over the mountains of Somiedo. The room is very well equipped: huge table, one laptop computer, one 22” LCD TV. Every little detail is taken care of so you feel at home. The room is available either with a nice king size bed or with two single beds.
In our garden area you will be able to relax and also enjoy the views and the purest air of the mountains. We use our garden too to have dinners or even breakfast sometimes (more photos here).

The classroom (photos) is also bright and has fantastic views as well. The equipment here is also state of the art.

Finally, we have a spacious and bright lounge-dining-room (photos) with views over the steep Somiedo summits, where we will eat and talk, as usual, in Spanish. Meals are very important for us. We love it when our guests enjoy them, and we offer variety and quality. There is also a small multimedia library that is at your complete disposal. In this library we have books, films, documentaries, music, comics, magazines, dictionaries and grammar books, so you can keep practicing your Spanish at every moment.

But perhaps the best feature of El Cuélebre are the skies, the forests, the rivers, the mountains and the environs of Somiedo natural park. Our favourite activities are those which take place outdoors: hikes around the beautiful surroundings, outings to different corners of the Park, picnics, etc. And finally, of course, your hosts, who will do absolutely everything they can so that you enjoy your stay and so that you practice your Spanish in a relaxed and nice environment.