El Cuélebre, cursos de español en inmersión en Somiedo, España

El Cuélebre

Spanish immersion programs (Asturias, Northern Spain)

Accommodation and Premises

Habitación de nuestros alumnos.
James (de Inglaterra) en clase con Alfredo.
Karen (de Taiwan) en nuestra aula.
Jennifer (de EEUU) trabajando en su habitación.
Habitación de nuestros alumnos.
Paul y Helen (de Inglaterra) disfrutando de los buenos quesos y de los buenos vinos de España.
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Our house is your school, where you will have a wonderful room with a bathroom for you. The room is very well equipped, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, it is very spacious, with spectacular views. We have taken the utmost care of every little detail in it, so that you can feel as comfortable as possible. We have a good and stable Internet connection, with Wi-Fi available throughout the house.


In our spacious and bright dining room, overlooking the rugged summits of Somiedo, we will eat and chat, always in Spanish to make the most of your Spanish immersion in Spain. Meals are a very important aspect in our courses: we love food, and we offer variety and quality.

Nuestra escuela, nuestra casa, nuestro jardín.
Vistas otoñales desde la ventana de nuestra aula.
Anthony y Alfredo disfrutan del paisaje. Nuestros cursos son intensivos, pero hay tiempo para relajarse y disfrutar.
Alfredo y Jimena con Dominique (de Francia). Comiendo en nuestro jardín.
Patrice y Joëlle (de Francia) en nuestro jardín.
Marlis (de Alemania), charlando con Jimena muy cerca de La Peral, nuestro pueblo.
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Our garden is an ideal space to relax, to enjoy the fresh air and the spectacle of the landscapes that surround our house. In the days of good weather we love to eat out.


Perhaps the best infrastructure in El Cuélebre are the skies, the forests, the rivers, the mountains and the valleys of  Somiedo natural  park. Our favourite activities are those that take place outdoors: walks in our beautiful surroundings, excursions to different corners of the Park (and to other areas of Asturias), etc.

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El Cuélebre
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