El Cuélebre, cursos de español en inmersión en Somiedo, España

El Cuélebre

Spanish immersion programs (Asturias, Northern Spain)

Activities during our Spanish immersion programs in Spain

All adapted to the different tastes and abilities of our students. And course, always in Spanish.

Patricia (de EEUU) con Jimena, Lago del Valle.
Marielle (de Francia) en clase con Jimena.
Karen (de Taiwán) con Jimena, y con Fa.
Marylise (de Francia) con la tortilla de patatas.
Jonathan (de Australia) con Alfredo en clase.
Scott (de Australia), con Jimena. Prerrománico asturiano
Marie Clair, de Reino Unido (Playa de Frejulfe)
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Our favorite, basic activities are the walks, to discover the wonderful natural and human surroundings of Somiedo natural park, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in the year 2000. The Park has a wide range of unforgettable itineraries designed for all types of users, from the beginner to the more advanced and experienced hiker. We will design the outings so that the required effort corresponds to your physical condition.

In each season you will enjoy an exuberant natural beauty. Millenary chestnut, beech and oak forests; beautiful lakes, rivers, springs and waterfalls; a fauna that can be seen or hinted at and that includes bears, wolves, eagles, vultures, foxes, chamois, deer, every kind of bird and many more; the snow-covered mountains, the green meadows, the thousands of flowers, the colourful autumn forest… All this landscape dotted about with the traditional local constructions or cabanas de teito , grouped in the peculiar brañas 

Just on the other side, five minutes away by car, in the Province of Leon, we also have the impressive Luna and Babia Natural Park, with a climate and character different from Somiedo, with its wide, slender and beautiful valleys and limestone peaks. The versatility offered by the location of La Peral is almost unbeatable.

Our Spanish school is fortunate to be located in the very heart of the Cantabrian Mountains, which is the largest protected natural area in Europe. One could say that it is an immense Natural Park of more than 10,000km2, today the greatest treasure of mountain biodiversity in Western Europe. 


You could say that food is almost one of our obsessions, and we love to share everything we know about the varied and delicious Spanish and Asturian gastronomy. Enjoy it during your Spanish immersion program in Spain!

Outings to other interesting places out of the park

Within 90 minutes driving distance there are some very interesting and beautiful cities like Oviedo, Gijón and León. If you want, we can go on guided visits to these cities, each of them with its peculiarities and charms. We could also go to the coast, where you can enjoy the loveliest corners of the still very well preserved Asturian seaboard: beautiful beaches, lovely and genuine fishing villages, spectacular cliffs, etc.*


* These activities have an extra cost, which can vary between 65€ and 75€ per person for individual courses, and 70€ and 80€ for courses for two (35€ and 40€ per person in the latter case). These prices are only related to the cost of moving the car over longer distances.

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