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Spanish immersion programs (Asturias, Northern Spain)

Philosophy and Teaching Methods


The philosophy of our courses is based on the concept of linguistic immersion, something that Alfredo explains in the video below, a transcript of which is also available here. Indeed, our methods revolve around the idea of immersing our students in the linguistic and cultural reality of the Spanish language, everything else follows from there.

Our courses are designed from a basic and fundamental idea, almost an obsession, that of trying to teach Spanish in the most effective and intense way, and at the same time in the most fun and enjoyable way for our students. We, Jimena and Alfredo, are Spanish teachers, but we are also language learners (English, French, German and Italian). We love languages, we really love them, and after many years of experience we have to admit that we can’t think of a better way to learn a language than to do it the way you would do it if you came to one of our courses: on your own -or accompanied by at most two other people you know, your friends or family-, in a totally personalised way, at your two teachers’ home; teachers who are experienced professionals who adore their work and the place where they live, the Somiedo Natural Park, which is also one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Spain, which in turn is located in Asturias, one of the most beautiful and best valued regions by almost everybody –from Spain and from outside Spain-. Can you ask for more? Honestly, we can hardly imagine what, or how.

And the truth is that, judging by the reactions we detect from our clients, our plans and our feelings seem to have a concrete reflection in reality, in the results. Our students show a real enthusiasm for what we do, for the methods, for the formal – and informal – classes, for the walks, for our school-house, for the views, for Somiedo, for the wonderful mountains of Asturias, for the food, for the conversations, for the walks…

Below, in order to give you a more concrete idea of what we do, we propose two typical course models. These two models do not exhaust all the possibilities and do not represent all the multiple options we offer to our clients. An important characteristic of our services is that of flexibility, with us almost anything is possible, we are concerned with adapting as much as possible to the needs and interests of our students.

Philosophy and teaching methods: Two Spanish course models

The course models proposed below should not be understood as the only possible ones, but simply as examples, ideas that can have multiple variables.

  • Regular intensive courses

In these courses we try to achieve a perfect balance between learning Spanish and enjoying your stay, between the language and the outdoor and vacation activities.

All our courses are intense and suppose a complete and perfect Spanish immersion in Spain, enabling our students to improve their Spanish skills in a faster and more effective way than it is possible in other “normal” courses; however, in our regular courses we try not to lose a certain spirit of vacation and entertainment. The number of hours of formal class is relative and variable, and they can be between 10 and 20 hours of class per week, to say an approximation.

Why is it so relative and variable? Because we adapt everything to our student’s needs and requirements. Sometimes our students want and need to have more hours of “formal” class; in other occasions our students demand to practice more in a non formal way, and they prefer to spend more time doing other activities, activities in which they practice their Spanish.

Our methods are a bit unconventional in certain aspects: we don’t believe that in order to explain, for example, a grammatical point it is absolutely necessary to be sitting in a classroom with a whiteboard. Being our courses so exclusive and personalized, it often occurs that a grammar explanation or a Spanish oral activity take place during meals, or while we walk in one of our excursions, surrounded by a beautiful and unspoiled nature.

We like to think that some of our “classes” resemble a bit some of those philosophical sessions that used to take place around Aristotle and Plato, where disciples and master used to walk around while discussing profound philosophical topics. Ours sometimes can be “peripatetic Spanish classes”, interactive and intense, but not necessarily boring or depressing.

Jimena con Kate (de Inglaterra)
Tony (de Inglaterra)
Jimena con Marielle (de Francia)
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  • Executive, super-intensive courses

Always with the same methods and philosophy explained above, these courses are designed for those who need an ultra-fast learning process, for those who really need to start speaking Spanish as soon as possible or who need to improve their level in a very intense and effective way.

Here the main focus will be placed in the language itself, in the practice and improvement of your writing, reading, understanding and speaking skills.

This option is specially suitable for professionals or anyone with not much time to start speaking Spanish or to start speaking it fluently.

In this occasion the number of hours of formal class per week are between 20 and 40. In any case, just let us know what you need and we’ll do our most to adapt to your needs.

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